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I Just Lost A Dog For The First Time. Here's What I Learned About Surviving Pet Loss.



Keeping Rio on His Feet

AKC Family Dog Magazine

High Above the Tree Line

The New York Times


It was easier to donate a kidney to my husband than to keep him safe during the pandemic


Please don't write off shelter dogs because of Major Biden

A Good Walk

Ruff Drafts

It feels weird to wear a mask in public. But it could help save my husband's life.

The Colorado Sun


I Was Right To Feel Insecure About Wearing A Poodle

The Haven


Trail Dog

AKC Family Dog Magazine

I Taught an Old Dog New Tricks

AKC Family Dog

I Donated A Kidney To My Husband To Save His Life


Op/Ed - No Ma'am

Durango Telegraph

Lifted by a walk in fallen snow

The Christian Science Monitor

I'm So Glad My Dog Was Just Invited to the Senior Dog Prom


How Chunk the Pit Bull Helped Me Overcome a Breed Prejudice I Didn't Even Know I Had

I Just Had Four Hot Dates in Utah - All Were Dogs


How to Write Through Grief

ASJA's The Word

Life Advice From My 99-Year-Old Grandpa - Still the Coolest Guy I Know

The Huffington Post

Kidney Donors Rock!

The Huffington Post

Why I Raced 3,267 Feet Up a Mountain on Saturday Night

Huffington Post

July 20: A bittersweet anniversary

The Denver Post

How I've Been Rocking One Kidney Since Donating To My Husband

Huffington Post

Rocking One Kidney on World Kidney Day

Huffington Post

Give Blood, Get Pampered

Huffington Post

It Happened to Me: I donated a kidney to my husband


Crashing the convention: 66th World Science Fiction Convention hits Denver

Carbon Valley Herald

The ostrich in the room

Carbon Valley Herald

Recession is not in our heads

Carbon Valley Herald

Fleeing Katrina

Durango Telegraph

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